EFG Group was founded on the belief that a need for an Introducing Broker advocate existed.  A firm that understands the importance of usable research, consistent service, and an ongoing marketing effort to assist the Introducing Broker.  A firm staffed by people that have actually solicited, and serviced accounts, made margin calls, and understands the delicate balance that the Introducing Broker experiences between their customer and the Futures Commission Merchant.

Lee Gaus has been involved with Introducing Brokers
from the beginning of the designation.  Lee fosters the attitude that once we
enter into a new relationship with an Introducing Broker the sales effort is just
beginning.  By working together and offering the following unique marketing
packages we can assist the Introducing Broker in growing their business.

  • On sight outlook meetings:  While technology is beneficial EFG holds true
    to the belief there is nothing like a firm hand shake and a face to face
    gathering. We travel thousands of miles every year conducting outlook
    meetings and seminars for our Introducing Brokers. The best part is we do
    this at no charge to the Introducing Broker, we view this activity as an
    investment in our customer.

  • Morning hot line conference calls: Each morning EFG personnel conduct an
    open discussion regarding the upcoming day. During this call there is a
    sharing of ideas, and opinions emanating from EFG and our Introducing
    Brokers and a synergy is created.  

  • Webinars:  Webinars allow the customers and prospects of the Introducing
    Broker to participate without having to leave home.  If an Introducing Broker
    wishes to arrange a private webinar for their customers that is easily

  • Managed Accounts: Managed accounts have grown on popularity with
    Introducing Brokers and EFG Group offers various managed account
    products to our Introducing brokers.  

From our very founding moment in 1992 EFG Group embraced the concept that
the proficiency of the service product determined the level of customer
satisfaction.  Beginning with providing a positive environment, welcoming
special requests, efficiently opening accounts, the generation of accurate
statements, correcting errors the first time, and always remembering who is the

EFG Group pro-actively addresses and refines the service product to ensure that
our customers enjoy the benefits of our unrelenting best efforts.

We believe a positive relationship should be more than trade clearing and
sending a check.  When an Introducing Broker joins the EFG family of
Introducing Brokers there is an unwritten, unspoken obligation by EFG to
provide the best cooperative environment for growth. If you want to learn more
about our Introducing Broker Program just give us a
call at 877-304-1369.  We will be glad you did and are confident so will you.

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The risk of trading futures and options can be substantial. Each investor must consider whether this is a
suitable investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.